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AW Master Songwriter REFiLL DVDR

AW Master Songwriter REFiLL DVDR

Complete 4 GB Sample Workstation Reason Refill DVD – 12 Titles. Looking for awarehouse full of new and innovative instruments and sounds for Reason? Look no further. Everything you need is here to make complete songs for music demos, TV, Film, or any audio-visual project. Acoustic drum kits, Electric drum kits, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Analogue Synthesizers, Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Organs, Acoustic and Electric Basses, Sound Effects, Soundscapes, World Percussion, all from one easy-access DVD.

Includes these Pro-SongTool Instruments:
  • * Acoustic Dreadnought Strummer Rythym/Lead with iStrum MIDI patterns
  • * Elektrik Lead Guitar with alternating harmonics and Power Chords
  • * 30 Drum Kits Plus 12 World Percussion Instruments (All Maple and Birch)
  • * Axe-N-Skin DoubleBass Drums
  • * Reason Bass Rig (J-Bass-Slap Bass-Acoustic Upright-18 Synth Basses)
  • * Banghis Khan Vintage Ludwig
  • * The Seven Deadly Synths (Pads, FX, Basses, Leads)
  • * The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ (One Man Orchestra)
  • * Pianos & Organs (two Acoustic Grands, Rhodes, B3, Wurly Electric Piano)
  • * Vintage ’63 Collector’s Silvertone Electric Rythym/Lead Guitar with iStrum MIDI patterns
  • * Bryan ‘Brain’ Mantia Drum Track Builder (extremely flexible and adaptable drum beat collection)
  • * Scott Rockenfield Drum Track Builder (extremely flexible and adaptable drum beat collection)
AW Master Songwriter REFiLL DVDR

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