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Nine Volt Audio Downtempo Guitars

Nine Volt Audio Downtempo Guitars Vol.1 & Vol.2

Wav/Acid/Rex/Refill/RMX| DELiRiUM | English | Vol.1 | 0.8 Gb
Wav/Acid/Rex/Refill/RMX| DELiRiUM | English | Vol.2 | 1.9 Gb

Downtempo Guitars Vol 1 is an exhaustive collection of over 500 loops that will help you create the next generation of chill, trip-hop, ambient groove, rock, soundtrack, electronic, and lounge style tracksRemarkably recorded, engineered and played.

Downtempo Guitars Vol 1 will add vibe, mood and flavor to any track, and will help spawn and encourage new songs Downtempo Guitars Vol 1 now includes a Stylus RMX bonus section with over 60 grooves.Downtempo Guitars Vol 2 Going down on the upside with over 450 loops, Downtempo Guitars Vol 2 picks up where the first left off, covering a higher BPM range of 104-120.
Downtempo Guitars Vol 2 was meticulously recorded to provide an extensive range of down flavors with unique and useable sounds that are ready to slip into anytrack’s mix with ease. This DVD-ROM is full of rhythmic atmospheres, distinctive dynamics and melodic statements that will take songs into new and unexpecteddirections.
Format: Wav/Acid/Rex/Refill/RMX
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