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PinkNoise QuickSilver XTension

PinkNoise QuickSilver XTension

PinkNoise QuickSilver XTension REFiLL | 439 MB

QUICKSILVER – a powerful Synthesizer NNXTension for your Advanced Sampler. Thisrefill is not ‘just another refill’ or a sampler CD that happens to support the Reason Refill format!. Instead, QUICKSILVER is a refill version of the Yamaha QS300synthesizer, or to be more precise, the enlarged refill version that nearly gives you anew device to your Reason environment. To understand this, we have to see, how QS300 works…
The Yamaha QS300 is a very rich-sounding synthesizer, because it uses a multi-layer structure, every layer has its own envelope, filter, etc. We can create wonderful pads, endless morphing textures and some other warm and fat patches… but!

If you record these sounds, you will loose the possibility of alteration later: you can not change the parameters of each layer independently, only for the whole mixed samples. It’s just like a snapshot… sounds good but less versatile.
Instead of this method, we have choosen a more complicated way. The QS300 uses small parts (in Yamaha terminology: elements) to build its sound: every layer is based on an element. We broke down the sounds of the QS300 to these elements, recorded all of them, and then we completely rebuilt the multilayered patches in NNXT.
The result was very surprising for us and defenitely it proves the power of NNXT advanced sampler!:) The NNXT provides a lot of very sophisticated options, many of these features and nuances probably remain hidden from the users unless somebody programs NNXT for 8 months on every blessed day…;-)

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