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Sound Synth Nation Reason REFiLL

Sound Synth Nation Reason REFiLL

Sound Synth Nation Reason Refill | 101.97 MB

Synth Nation Reason Refill’ represents over a year of sound design andprogramming in Reason. Every patch is designed using Reason’s amazing internal synths! These are synths for any genre, Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Pop, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, House, we’ve got them all covered! Compatible w/ Reason 4+.
Each patch is programmed to its fullest extent, including pitch and mod wheels and assignable controls in the Thor patches. Every combinator makes use of all thebuttons and knobs offering many variations on each patch, something that seems to be rare in sound design these days.
The huge variety of patches and sounds makes this Refill useful to anyone looking to expand their synth library. Simply, there is nowhere else where you will find such a diverse collection of powerful synths for this price. Care was taken to make sure every patch not only sounds good, but fits where it should be in the mix.
Do you ever hear a synth in a song that just seems out of place? You won’t find that here. Basses feel like basses, leads feel like leads and each is carefully designed to suit modern productions in any genre.
Do you need fiery, ripping leads, cutting, fat mids and huge powerful stacked synths for your melodies? What about crushing basses to thump trunks and wobble the dancefloor? Rhythmic synths to add motion? Keys, PadsTextures and Synth sounds with real character, flavour and flexibility?
‘Synth Nation Reason Refill’ has them all, using only Reason’s amazing internal synths! It’s a testament to how powerful Reason is and what is possible when using it for sound design.
Whether you make Hip-Hop and Rap, Trap, Pop and RnB, Funk, Disco, DnB, Dubstep, House, Electro, Techno, Acid, Raggaeton or any form of Urban orElectronic Dance Music, ‘Synth Nation Reason Refill’ has got something for you! Synthesizer patches to suit anyone’s tase.


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